Monday, July 27, 2009

[Picking up the pieces...]

Well friends, here we are again.

Almost two years later than our last post, but eager to try this BLOG thing out again. Peter and I are both horrible at keeping the people we love connected, and this seems like an easy avenue to do that...of course....we have to actually update this thing...which we are committing to do at least once a week. Granted our life isn't that exciting to warrant a once-a-week we'll try to make this puppy as exciting as possible. It may mean a random post every now and then....but who doesn't love brainless humor or information every now and then...right?! :)

So... here's to a second chance...thanks for grace!

Now...sit back...fasten your seat-belts...and get ready to FLY through the last two years of Peter and Sarah Barber! We'll bring you up to speed as best we can!

[May Maddness-part2]

What else could we have fit into May you ask....well....a trip to South America of course!

That's right! We left a week after graduation for BRAZIL!!

At the end of May, Peter and I boarded a plane set for Fortaleza, Brazil, where we enjoyed a fabulous 11 day trip! It was really special to visit the in-laws, but our main purpose for going was to be apart of the wedding of Josh and Karina.

Crazy right?! Yes, it was. But it was a blast. Not to mention it was my VERY FIRST time to Brazil and to South America.

Most folks have asked me what my biggest "awe" factors were or the cultural differences I noticed, and I would have to say, that aside from the traffic (which if you have ever been to ANY third-world country, you understand there is no such thing as structured traffic. Everyone one (and thing) competes for the one sliver of road that appears not have any pot-holes. Which is another oxymoron--since they are everywhere!) I was saying...besides the traffic...I think the most interesting thing I was struck by was the "normalcy" of the culture.

For some reason, probably because I'd never been to anther country other than Mexico, I had this preconceived notion that the people there were going to be so different. But that wasn't my experience. Even though they spoke a language I didn't understand, I still felt like I "understood" them....maybe through body language...but perhaps more simply, because they too, were people.

I also had an amazing time at the traditional Brazilian steakhouses, which for this good ol' Midwestern girl, was NO problemo at all. Love me some steak!

The most treasured part of the trip for me was getting to see where Peter grew up. To step foot in his home (which was wonderful and Mom and Dad Barber were awesome!), see his bedroom, meet his dog Daisy, visit his church, and meet some of his childhood friends was truly priceless. THAT made the trip. Not only did it give me a glimpse into a Peter I've never really known, but it gave me such an appreciation for his childhood. It also gave me the precious gift of memory—a mental picture of life in brazil.

And how could I forget to mention the wedding...josh and karina! Oh, that too, was so special. Apart from the fact that it started in the weeee hours of the morning, when most people would just be waking up, it was a wonderful day. For the most part, the wedding went off without a hitch....only 3 bridesmaids, instead of the guesstimated 5, were late that morning. haha. And the rain thankfully stayed away for most of the morning. It truly was a wonderful day, honoring and celebrating with Josh and Karina Barber, who are now back here in the States, living near Grand Rapids, MI.

Below are just a few photos of our time in Brazil... enjoy!
Overlooking Jauazerio do Norte

Side yard of Barber's house

Another city shot from high

At the statue below overlooking the city

Famous statue called "Padre Cicero"

The pilgrims tie these ribbons and write padre cicero

We went to these waterfalls one day

brave Peter took a jump...

and so did the other barber men...

Karina doing my nails...she paints these beautiful designs!

Came upon a pick-up game...really wanted to join in!

but we did get to play some soccer there....awesome!

traffic at night

day of wedding, setting up all the chairs

the wedding cake!

the happy married couple!

the beautiful bride and my new sister-in-law!

[May Maddness-part1]

If your familiar with "March Madness" then perhaps you'll understand why this post is called "May Madness."

May 2009 literally came and went. We ran and ran and ran from one thing to another. Hence the "May Madness" emphasis. It began with the closing two weeks of Seminary for Peter. The usual last minute all-nighters, 40 page papers and books to read were all apart of those first two weeks. I think Peter somehow strategically fit the majority of his Spring semester into
those final two weeks because he just about worked non-stop. The good news is he survived...and so did i...and on May 15th 2009, we (Peters Nana and myself) proudly watched Peter walk across the stage and receive his Master's of Arts in Leadership diploma!!!

Here area few pictures of that special, special day!

The "Grads"

So proud of my man!

Nana came out to celebrate this special day with us!