Thursday, October 14, 2010

[dangerous new toy]

Well, we finally did it! We took the plunge and purchased a small video camcorder. Mostly so we could show off our adorably sweet baby, but also so family (you!) could see her more often.

And Alie got a clean bill of health this week at her 4mo appointment. She's now 14bs 3oz and 25inches long! Breaks down to roughly 60 percentile in weight, 75 percentile in height, and apparently she's got a big head, 94 percentile there! (Mom, did I have a big head as a baby?)

Anyways..all that to say, she's going to be tall and skinny (with a big head)...haha.
Oh, and we tested out the camcorder the lother night. So here's a few clips.

Natalie's newest entertainment--standing! She absolutely LOVES it! (as you will see) We hold her only to keep her balance, but she has seemed to figure out how to hold her own weight on those chubby little legs of hers.

And she also loves to "talk." Just last night actually, she found a new sound...which she has not been shy about sharing. :)

love you all!

Friday, October 1, 2010

[baby giggles]

we've been trying to get video of Alie's giggles for a while now, and she gave us a perfect opportunity this evening. it's not very long, but now you can finally hear what's quite simply music to our ears!