Saturday, November 13, 2010

[first pears]

The "solids" phase has officially begun.

We gave Natalie her first taste of real food--well--that's realitive. We gave her her first taste of baby food the other day, "First Pears." By the looks of the empty jar on our countertop, she really enjoyed them! And yes, we even got a short video of it for all the Grammies and Grandpas out there.

[what? it's november?]

does anyone else out there think this year just went WAY too fast? i'm struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that we're just six weeks from Christmas and seven from ringing in 2011!! geesh.

not to mention, it feels much the same way with my baby girl. she's already 5 months old (and counting) and i find myself now, like many moms had told me, wishing she would just slooooooooow down a bit and stay cute and baby-like. it just feels like time is racing past me at an alarmingly speedy rate.

but, with the passing of time brings new milestones and activites. we recently "upgraded" natalie's toy collection with this snazzy new thing--well not new new, but new to her.

initially it took her a moment to buy in--i think she was a tad overstimulated by all the new gadgets--but eventually she went to work, swinging and swatting at every new toy.

we took a little video for you, but unfortunately rather than play, she attempted to chew off half her fist (we think she's teething). regardless, its cute! :0