Sunday, May 30, 2010

[photo shoot]

the more i've experienced being pregnant, the more it's reminded me of the process of getting married.

first you have the initial excitement over the "news" and you can't wait to call/email/text all your family and friends and tell them about it. then you have the planning period, where all you can do/think about is IT. you register, you read, you prepare, you research and eventually you come the realization that no matter how much you do each of those things, something still won't go as planned. (i have the same feeling having a baby is much like that.)

then there's the waiting period, where you can't help but count the months, then weeks, then days until your life completely changes. of course you have the celebrations mixed in there too, where people love to shower you with gifts and encouragement and oh yes, ADVICE!

but eventually, after all of make it to said "day"--where from that day forward nothing will ever be as it was before--and yet you're ok with that.

our photo shoot last weekend got me thinking about all the similarities because it was like taking wedding photos all over again, but this time with a big ol' belly! we had a wonderful friend, laura mcbride, offer to take some baby bump photos for us. she did an absolutely fabulous job (although she says i can't market her yet. when she gives me the green light, i'll let you all know) :)

check out these cute one's we did... aren't they fantastic!!?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

[36 wks]

this was me about a week and a half ago... i believe at 36 wks. she's gotten big hasn't she?! :)

nothing new to report other than... i'm ready! she loves to kick me on the right side of my ribs, and so i'm constantly "fighting" with her and pushing her cute little feet back in. she's also had the hiccups A LOT recently...which is adorable. the sensation is like a little tickle...but she'll keep them up for sometimes 20-30 min at a time. when they're not as adorable: 3:30 am. haha

as we head toward the final few weeks here, we just covet your prayers for me, baby, and a safe delivery. we're as "prepared" as we can be i suppose, but it's still unknown and a little scary. i just keep telling myself... millions of women have done it before me...i can do it! hehe ;)

love you all!

[baby-moon/ early 3yr anniversary]

two weeks ago now, peter and i headed south for a mini-getaway. our reason for celebration: last pre-baby extravaganza and an early 3yr anniversary!! Our destination: the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. We'd never been there before, but by all the recommendations we had gotten/heard about it, we decided to take the plunge.

yes friends, this is where we stayed!

now, since its a tad pricy (as you can probably tell), peter and i only stayed ONE night, but it was a delightful one. we honestly commented to each other several times how we felt like royalty. the amenities were fabulous, the food was exquisite and the hospitality remarkable. we'll definitely be headed back there again...

we even had the wait staff bring us this lovely plate the following morning. of course they brought it AFTER we had already eaten breakfast, so we took a few pictures for memory and packed it up to eat later.

the last stop we made on our way home was to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo...a definite tourist stop. not only is it a zoo...but it's a zoo built into the side of a mountain. talk about a workout at 36 wks pregnant! unfortunately we didn't make it all the way to the top, i was dog tired, but we did visit all sorts of animals. by far the funnest stop was by the giraffe exhibit. they built it in such a way that you literally walk right up the neck/face level of the giraffes and are able to feed them crackers. here's peter and i "attempting" to do that....oh boy...those tongues were huuuuuuuge!


it started with a knock on the door, but one that brought a wonderful surprise.

the thursday before mother's day i received these beautiful flowers.
the play of events went something like this...

knock at the door.
i panic... ("who would be knocking on my door at 1:30 in the afternoon? Good thing I locked it.")
i open the door. a friendly looking flower delivery man asks if my name is jane.
sadly i reply "no"...and politely ask him which apt # is he looking for (it can be confusing.)
he checks his clip board and corrects himself by saying jane is his next stop. he then asks "are you sarah?"
YES.... i replied... i sure am!

now...i bet you're all thinking....that's so sweet of peter to get you flowers for mother's day. my thoughts exactly. however, they were not from peter. they were from Nana, peter's grandma. (thanks again Nana!)

they were absolutely beautiful so i just had to take a picture of them to share.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

[sneak peak]

We are nearing the end here friends...which means baby room needs to get done--and SOON!!

A few months ago, back in February I think, I posted the "progress" of the baby room. I believe at the time it consisted of a random of mess of things....ah looked like this.

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then and I'd like (if you'll let me), to give you a sneak peak into baby girl barber's new home! I'm thrilled with how its coming, not to mention all the fun I've had shopping for bargain pieces at our local Goodwill(s)...

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but Peter and I found a $10 dollar dresser off craigslist, which is have turned into THIS master piece... check it out! (Nothing a little white paint and new knobs can't fix!)

And then...this lovely little accent I got 3 silver garden looking containers from the dollar bin at Target and spray painted them "Ruby Red" some discount flowers from Michales (still need one more) and a cute rod-iron basket from Hobby cost... $12 buckeros!

Oh, and here's a better shot of the baby bedding actually inside the crib! Doesn't it look AWESOME!!??

I can't wait to unveil the whole room to you....and Peter...who as you remember hasn't seen ANY of shhhhhhhh..... it's a surprise!