Sunday, May 23, 2010

[36 wks]

this was me about a week and a half ago... i believe at 36 wks. she's gotten big hasn't she?! :)

nothing new to report other than... i'm ready! she loves to kick me on the right side of my ribs, and so i'm constantly "fighting" with her and pushing her cute little feet back in. she's also had the hiccups A LOT recently...which is adorable. the sensation is like a little tickle...but she'll keep them up for sometimes 20-30 min at a time. when they're not as adorable: 3:30 am. haha

as we head toward the final few weeks here, we just covet your prayers for me, baby, and a safe delivery. we're as "prepared" as we can be i suppose, but it's still unknown and a little scary. i just keep telling myself... millions of women have done it before me...i can do it! hehe ;)

love you all!

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