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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[luck of the irish]

so i (sarah) have a fun story to share!

the past several weeks i've been seeing a chiropractor for my pregnancy pain. it's been a tremendous relief/help to my lower back and rib pain. this past week it was patient appreciation week at the office. being the "new kid"...i took advantage of all the games and "extras" offered that week. i got a free 10 min back/neck message by a professional who had the strongest woman hands i've ever felt--and even entered a "prayer" into this common candy game below (guess how many m&m's are in the jar...closest wins a prize.)

after deliberating for several minutes in my head how many m&m's were in this jar (above), i ventured up a "prayer"--ah--i mean guess--and called it good.

well, to my complete and utter surprise, when i walked into the doctors office this Monday for my visit, the receptionist kindly told me i had won the m&m game! I then proceeded to shout (sarah fashion)..."SHUT UP...YOU'RE KIDDING ME!...(and then a giggle)!!" She replied that no--in fact--she wasn't kidding--i had guessed 382 and there were actually 381 m&m's in the jar. did you catch that friends...i was ONLY OFF BY ONE STINKIN' M&M!!!! that's talent folks! hehe

needless to say, it totally made my day...i left with this lovely jar of green m&m's and a gift certificate! i'd say it was the luck of the irish!

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Amy Cheney Burnham said...

do you remember how big this jar was?