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Sunday, May 30, 2010

[photo shoot]

the more i've experienced being pregnant, the more it's reminded me of the process of getting married.

first you have the initial excitement over the "news" and you can't wait to call/email/text all your family and friends and tell them about it. then you have the planning period, where all you can do/think about is IT. you register, you read, you prepare, you research and eventually you come the realization that no matter how much you do each of those things, something still won't go as planned. (i have the same feeling having a baby is much like that.)

then there's the waiting period, where you can't help but count the months, then weeks, then days until your life completely changes. of course you have the celebrations mixed in there too, where people love to shower you with gifts and encouragement and oh yes, ADVICE!

but eventually, after all of that...you make it to said "day"--where from that day forward nothing will ever be as it was before--and yet you're ok with that.

our photo shoot last weekend got me thinking about all the similarities because it was like taking wedding photos all over again, but this time with a big ol' belly! we had a wonderful friend, laura mcbride, offer to take some baby bump photos for us. she did an absolutely fabulous job (although she says i can't market her yet. when she gives me the green light, i'll let you all know) :)

check out these cute one's we did... aren't they fantastic!!?

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