Thursday, April 1, 2010

[announcing: our baby's name!]

Well folks, the time has finally arrived. After much soul-searching, many long and tedious conversations, and countless sleepless nights, Sarah and I have finally decided on a name for our new little one.

It is quite exhausting having to come up with a name! Think about it, this is the name that this child will carry in perpetuity. For ever after, this is the identity she will have. Her friends will call her by this name, her future husband will profess his undying love to her while he breathlessly whispers her name, her children will tell their friends what her name is, and perhaps even her grandchildren will choose to name when of their kids after her. All of this will come about because of the name that we have to pick for her!!!! Like I said—it's exhausting work.

So now that you've put up with my rant, I'll bet your wondering what the name is, huh? Now wouldn't it just be cruel of me to make you have to read this entire post without giving up her name? But fear not faithful blog followers, that will not happen! For here is the name of our soon to arrive baby girl...

(drum roll please)

(keep's coming)

And her name is....Isadora Montenegro Barber

Isn't that awesome? We really like's a great mix of traditional American with traditional Brazilian. Oh yeah, and it makes for a great nickname: Izzie.

So what do you think? Feel free to post your comments in the feedback section!


Vivi said...

Beautiful name- but most importantly you love it and I'm sure she will!

Kate said...

I really love the name (and the nickname as I wanted Mo to be Isabel so she could be an Izzy)- it's unique without being beat-up-able (which is an important consideration)
Still... is it the cynic in me that thinks "It is April Fool's Day"?

GB said...

Great name for an ambassador or writer some day! Doesn't sound too Irish.....or could this be an April Fool's Day trick???? Whatever you decide we'll love her and welcome her completely for she is our grandbaby girl!!!!!!

Christine said...

What a beautiful name!

DEBRA said...

What a pretty name! Since it's April 2nd, and Fool's Day is now over, I am thrilled to learn that I will now have 2 grand daughters named ...."Izzie and Mo!" What could be better.